Friday, January 15, 2010

Food For Thought- New in 2010

If you let it go and it didn't come back, it wasn't meant to be. Stop forcing things that don't fit, and fixing things that will only fall apart again. Salvage what you can and move forward, knowing you gave it your best.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Tell Me I'm Not a Woman

Have you ever wondered why some men can't handle a strong woman?

This is a serious issue and it has little or nothing to do with being independent. The strength of a woman goes well beyond independence. Strength is when you refuse to back down on your moral beliefs not matter how convincing the other party may be. Strength is when things get rough, people still believe your life is perfect because you hold your outside together with "crazy glue". Strength is when a woman can hold her man's head in her lap when she knows he is hurting without asking him a question.

So how come people view strength in a negative view. I won't apologize for taking the unbearable and smiling while I keep my head held high.

So don't tell me I'm not a woman because sometimes I cry when it just seems impossible, because the tears will dry but the strength will never fade.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Girl Scouts

I have always loved Girl Scout Cookies. The timeless memories of when I was a kid remind me of the innocence that childhood brings. Well it is that time of year again. Girl Scout Cookies are on sale and my little Brownie is selling them with all her energy. She has a set goal of 750 boxes. If you are interested in purchasing a box or two, they are only $4.00 a box. Please email me at with your order.

Junior Girl Scout Badgebook
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