Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Losing Control

I have noticed that when I am not in control of the activities going on in my life, I feel chaotic. I feel rushed, and overwhelmed. I am not a control freak, but I have learned in the past to only depend on me. Self dependence also means self reliance, which to me equals self control. I am in charge of my daily decisions, and actions.

Recently I have mastered the control of most of my emotions. I am a work in progress. Knowing this I have become more patient with the things I want in life.

When it comes to love we tend to reach and reach, even if what we are reaching for keeps stepping back. Get my drift? Well, sometimes stepping back ourselves is an even better way to get what we "deserve" instead of want. Ironically, when you are overwhelmed with emotions you can be blindsided by what appears to be what you think you want, and in actuality it is what you desire at the moment. Stepping back and allowing the circumstance to play out, often reveals that it was never good for you.

Not being in control of the aspects of love relationships has lead me to feel less chaotic, the exact opposite of the other pieces of my life. Without the chaos, you can see what you deserve. It's such a good feeling to be free. What is something you can let go of?

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