Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Halloween!!

My not-so scary black cat costume. Feel free to share your pictures or Halloween post with me. Be safe!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food For Thought- Take Back

Sometimes actions, words, or untruths are hard to move pass, even if a person is truly seeking your forgiveness. Hurt deep down inside can make it difficult to forget, but love makes it easier to forgive.

Can you ever trust someone again, if you are consistently blocking your heart from sorrow? In the game of love should everyone be given a "take back" card? The card would serve as a chance to right a wrong. If so, does the card come with rules? Are the rules spoken or unspoken?

Or is it best to "fold" with the hand you were dealt and cut your losses?

Friday, October 29, 2010

On Your Mind- Interview with William Woods

Meet Mr. William Woods, creative designer behind the layout for Mind of a Brown Skin Beauty. He shares how he got started, his inspirations, a glimpse of his work, and his tips for aspiring young business men.

Janelle: Welcome, it is nice to have a positive male figure grace the pages of  Mind of a Brown Skin Beauty. Let's get started, what is your name? 

WW: William Woods

Janelle: How old are you?

WW: 33

Janelle: What is the name of your business?

WW: IndivisualTM Graphics and Multimedia

Janelle: How old is your business?

WW: 11 years, since June 1999.

Janelle: “Mind of a Brown Skin Beauty” has followers from everywhere, where in the U.S. are you?

WW: Country Club Hills, IL

Janelle: What’s your business’ URL?


Janelle: Do you have a Social Networking site for your business that you would like to share?

WW: We can be found on Facebook by searching “Indivisual Graphics and Multimedia”

Janelle: Tell us a little about your business.

WW: GM was started in June 1999. We used to focus solely on print/logo design. But as our clientele grew,
so did our skill set. By 2004, we had begun to offer fully-hosted websites, interactive presentations (CD/DVD-ROM), and Audio/Video Production. We pride ourselves in offering these creative services at seriously competitive prices. IGM is often viewed as a “one-stop shop” that can create professional-looking work for any situation. Today, we handle projects that range from your next set of business cards, to your upcoming TV/online commercial.

Janelle: How did you come up with the idea to start a graphic design business?

WW: One of my side hustles since being in undergraduate school in 1996 has always been freelance graphic design. I would provide some of these same services to upstart businesses and such just to have some extra money to work with. This also helped strengthen my professional design approach so my work would be worth the price I was asking. After completing my Bachelor’s in Visual Communications, and building a small clientele over the 3 years that followed, I figured that it would only be right to put my education and freelance experience together and start my own company.

Janelle: What inspired your design for the layout for “Mind of a Brown Skin Beauty”?

WW: Of course, the use of brown in the color scheme was derived from the blog’s title. Brown is a color that, when used correctly, reflects “nature”. This blog celebrates being “natural” and “beautiful” in many ways. The different shades of brown reflect this value. I tried to create a layout that made that same emphatic statement. I also wanted to create a layout that reflected Janelle Wade as a person. The roughly textured background presents the struggles that are behind the author and/or viewer. The illustration of Janelle was meant to speak as a proclamation of happiness and confidence, frozen in time to serve as a reminder of how everyone should view his or her self; as works of “art”… in progress. The flowers reflect the blossoming of personal and professional achievements to come for both the author, and her viewers. It can also serve as one marveling at their own reflection saying “Through it all, look what I’ve become.”

Janelle: That is exactly what this Blog is all about and you captured it. What is so amazing is that I only told you a few words of what I was looking for and I placed complete creative control in your hands, and wow! Thank you! So tell me, what are your future plans for your business?

WW: You're welcomed. In the next 5 years, I plan for IndivisualTM Graphics and Multimedia to expand its reach to service the kind of clientele that operates with contracts and annual budgets. It is time to “go international”.
Janelle: What advice would you offer to an aspiring entrepreneur interested in graphic design?

WW: Set your price, and STICK TO IT! Don’t be afraid to let some potential clients walk out before you start their project. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. Clients are not paying for the end result, but for the time, thought, and tweaking of that project. Consider all of this when setting your prices, along with down payments! Undercut your competitors while making the dollar amount worth your while. Document everything with invoices and receipts. Finally, operate with the same integrity and precision that the pros use daily.

Janelle: One more thought tell us one thing that makes your business unique?

WW: I don’t believe in “nickel-and-diming” my clients. I love to work within the budget of honest, up-front people. One of the biggest compliments I receive is when I hear a client say “For what you charged, I got MORE than I was expecting.”

Janelle: Would you like to share anything else about yourself or your business?

WW: IGM now offers on-site Personal Computer (Windows/Mac) Training, as well as training on most Graphic Design software and processes. Rates vary based on duration, skill level, etc.
Contact us at  708.781.3935 or for more details.

Janelle: How do perspective clients contact you?

WW: 708.781.3935 or

Janelle: Thank you William for sharing your creativity with us. I love the new layout. It was a pleasure working with you and a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your passion. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1st Giveaway- It's a Mini Makeover

I love all things girly. My favorite colors are purple and pink, so that should tell you!!

Well, in addition to the colorful things of womanhood, I love hair, makeup, perfumes and oh I can not forget about jewelry. I sure do love my earrings and you will always catch me in a dress or skirt. It didn't take much for me to figure out what I wanted to giveaway. It was easy, I wanted to give items away that would make a woman feel pretty and for someone, nudge her just a step out of comfort zone. Mind of a Brown Skin Beauty is all about accentuating  and appreciating the beauty both internally and externally. Sometimes it is necessary to take a moment out for yourself to just relax.

As mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, employees, etc. it is easy to forget you are a lady. A lady that once enjoyed high heels, wigs, lipsticks, tight dresses, purses, and nail polish. We take care of everyone and at the end of the day we just don't have the energy to take care of ourselves. Well allow me to help someone with a nice treat for themselves or someone special. Men are welcomed to enter as well. The winner will receive all the products in the picture below. Enjoy!

 The rules are simple.

  1. You must be a follower of Mind of a Brown Skin Beauty
  2. You must comment below this post one positive word about yourself per entry
  3. Share this blog post giveaway with someone on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, email, etc.
  4. Enter as many times as you like to increase your odds (Only 1 entry per day)
  5. A winner will be selected at random


The contest will being on 10/28/10 at 10 p.m CST and will end on 11/5/10 at 10 p.m. CST. The winner will be randomly selected through a computerized process and will be announced on 11/8/10.  Please visit the blog at that time for the name of the winner. The winner will be given instructions on how to claim their prize, a valid email address is required. If the prize is not claimed within 7 days a new winner will be selected and so forth until the prize is claimed. All products are brand new, never opened or used and are the sole responsibility of the winner. Directions for product use should be followed according to the company's instructions.

Good Luck to everyone.

My 100th Blog Post, New Layout and 1st Giveaway!

This is my 100th blog post and a very special chance to say thank you. This blog is to inspire, encourage, and uplift.

This Is Me
By: Janelle Wade

So beautiful is she with her curves
She has the power to make every man’s head turn
Skin like milk chocolate melted on a summer day
Hair dark and curly
A smile that sparkles like moonlit rays

Broad nose and cheeks so high
Thickness in her legs and thighs
Eyes almond in deep brown
She speaks with such an angelic sound

Waist perfect for a tight hold
Breast strong and firm yet so bold
Smooth and soft thick lips
Curvy, shapely, sleek round hips

Body of a goddess so I’ve heard
Come ride with me; experience the roller coaster of my words

Welcome inside my mind…This is me
I am who I am

Food for Thought- If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It

Would you settle for a relationship or a marriage if all it provided you was a chance to not be alone?

I think too many times women settle to say "I do", for the sake of doing what society says is right.  I'd rather be happy and single, than with someone and miserable. I probably self reflect more than the average person, but I also think I am at a point of knowing what is that I want and not being willing to accept anything less.

Life is to be enjoyed.

Is there a misconception to what should be expected in considering a life partner? I no longer believe that men are commitment phobic to the extent I once did. My attitude is "if it don't fit, don't force it and keep it moving". I'd rather feel partially full alone temporarily, if it meant I would not have to feel empty forever.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins, Popcorn, Petting Zoo and All

This weekend was great, we went to the pumpkin farm. I was excited about the farm all week, probably more than my daughter and niece. I just love the colors of fall, and it was an oddly warm day for the end of October. We arrived at the farm around 2 p.m. and hit the haunted barn first. The little lady was terrified and refused to step a foot inside. Needless to say, I went in. It was definitely a family atmosphere. There was no one grabbing your clothes or yelling in your face., it was simply mechanic ghouls and goblins behind cages. The children enjoyed themselves greatly.

There was a fun house, corn maze, and a hayride. Overall, the experience was fun. This is the second year that we have attended and I am sure we will be going back next year. The petting zoo is still my favorite spot, (although the slob from the animals tends to gross me out). I love feeding the animals. I must admit the idea of a kangaroo with his little tongue in the palm of my hand made me step back more than once, I still loved it. We pigged out on chili dogs, nachos, popcorn, and apple treats.

On a side note looking at the changing colors of the trees and the different array of orange pumpkins, reminds me that fall is my favorite season.  It is hard to believe the year is coming to an end.  Fall kicks off the start of the holiday season. I'm thinking it is time for Christmas shopping.

What are you plans for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Woman That I Am

The Woman That I Am
By: Janelle Wade

You can’t define me as a woman by only seeing my sex appeal
Don’t define me as a woman from how my hips rock
Don’t define me as a woman by if my breasts are real

Don’t keep me locked away from the world outside
The beauty…the brilliance…the exotic walk
The loving…the caring…the romantic talk

You can’t define me as a woman by how I look
You can’t define me as a woman by how I cook

But you don’t see the woman that I am
You don’t see what makes me who I am

I have been nothing but a good woman
Only the lord will know
All the pain and suffering
You will soon reap what you sew

Close your eyes and hear my voice
The woman that I am is deep inside
The woman that I am is who you try to hide

You can’t define me as a woman by only seeing my sex appeal
Don’t define me as a woman from how my hips rock
Don’t define me as a woman by if my breasts are real

Don’t keep me locked away from the world outside
The beauty…the brilliance…the exotic walk
The loving…the caring…the romantic talk

Define me from the words I speak
Define me from the dreams and aspirations I seek

Define my heart for its forgiving nature
Define me as a woman because I am

A beautiful black woman, strong and secure

Hurt and disabled, but knows to be tough
I am the woman that walks with her head held high
Define me as a woman that has had enough

Define me by my character
Define me by my hopes and my dreams
Respect me for who I am

You can’t define me as a woman by only seeing my sex appeal
Don’t define me as a woman from how my hips rock
Don’t define me as a woman by if my breasts are fake or real

Don’t keep me locked away from the world outside
The beauty…the brilliance…the exotic walk
The loving…the caring…the romantic talk

But you don’t see the woman that I am
Look deep inside and see what makes me who I am

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Man Would Be Proud to Call His Own

It's not your looks, you're very pretty
It's not your style, the way you dress is oh so fresh
It's not the way that you carry yourself

Oh, girl I'm sorry, you're not my kind of girl
'Cause you're the kind of girl
That a man's dreams are made of

From the album Heart Break © 1988 MCA


This topic has been on my mind for the last few weeks and I started it with my post Food For Thought- Your Sunshine Then this morning during some self refection this song came on the radio. I know that the lyrics of this song is where I was headed with that post. So the discussion continues. In a perfect world, a nice, beautiful, caring woman would have a nice, loving, caring man. But we all know we don't live in a perfect world. In the real world, we live with backwards thinking and inside out hearts. Okay, that is harsh, but trust me I have a point.

So the morning goes as such. I was already contemplating the next topic to share with you guys and then this song came on the radio. Well I turned up the volume and began to reminisce. How I love me some New Edition, but that's not the point. The lyrics stood out to me. Seriously, how did I miss this song in the past?? It was exactly what I wanted to say in my previous post, but wasn't sure how to express it. So here you go.

Men, and not all men, tend to sing this song often. If you've ever had those lyrics or their likeness said to you, then you know how devastated and confused you feel. You think you're great, you cook, you listen, you support, you are the ultimate "lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed", so you thought. Then he hits you with the "you're perfect, of course some man would be lucky to have you", but whatever the case may be he isn't the man that wants to have you. Maybe you didn't smile bright enough or you forgot his favorite piece of lingerie is the hot red teddy with the string that goes way up yonder. Whatever it was that triggered an "NE Heartbreak", he doesn't want you. You're heartbroken and you experience a moment of self esteem assassination. You start to question your appeal, and wonder where you went wrong. You think, maybe you should have stuffed that too small piece of thread up your cheeks more than 3 times a week, or maybe letting him air out his insecurities on your "little black" couch more than every three months wasn't enough. The world may never know.

At some point I thought it was just a way out, (which to some degree it is), but I also think more importantly men know exactly what they want regardless of how wonderful you are, even to them. Men get a rep for being selfish, but are they really wrong? Rather or not we agree with a man's notion to sing "You're Not My Kind of Girl", we have to acknowledge that if you have to tell them you're what they want, then chances're NOT.

Women, on the other hand sometimes tend to compromise what they want and work with the possibility that a man could be better. Though this theory never ends well, for whatever reason we expect or want men to do the same. I have to respect the idea that as a woman I should have sung the remix "You're Not My Kind of Man" to several "potentials"on several different occasions.Truthfully, if I could have emotions like a man, then life would be so simple. I'd have a booty like Trina and a mind like a pimp, I'd rule the world (joking).

Seriously, is the way men think really that outrageous or should women just use the same logic and stop sacrificing??

I know for me, I'm going to get what I want and if not I'll be remixing some songs.  Later Chicas!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lead the Way....

Should the man or woman head the relationship? (Think deep before you answer this one)

Food for Thought- Your Sunshine

No matter how beautiful, sweet, caring, and honest you are, men find a way to cloud your sunshine.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still Thinking....

Another Thought:
If there is truly someone for everyone, why do some people never know what it is like to be loved and cherished? Why do some people die alone?

I've Been Thinking...

Random Thought: Is there truly someone for everyone, or are some people destined to grow alone?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Hey Ma Can I Please Slap Your A**"

I get approached by the most unsophisticated, rude, ignorant sons of bitches out there.  Yes I had to take it there. Usually I don't waste my writing on worthless situations, but this is a blog of things on my mind and this has definitely been on my mind.

First off let me give you a little background. I don't go out clubin at all. If I do it is generally 1-2 times a YEAR. Actually when I am in a club atmosphere the "iggies" (ignorant ghetto goofies) generally steer clear of me (I guess I got that I need you  to at least know how to greet me before we continue this convo) look, so don't bother approaching me. You would think the "iggies" would use this same notion in everyday life. WRONG! The iggies elevate to a whole new level. So I think what took me over the gat damn edge was this pass summer. Situation goes as such:

FYI Woman is me

Woman exits bus
Woman crosses street
Iggie sees woman coming
Iggie says, "you are the most beautiful creature I have seen"
Woman says, "thank you" (mistake #1)
Iggie says, "Can I get to know you" (or something to that nature)
Woman says, " no" (and keeps walking)
And so the ignorance begins
Woman walks down the street 
Iggie runs his stupid a** down the street yellin "Aaaaa, ma"
Iggie gets closer to woman
Iggie is directly behind woman
Woman moves where other people are standing
Iggie still approaches
Iggie says" Hey Ma can I please slap your a**"?
Street Vendor man intervenes and woman begins to tell iggie what a dumbass he is
Street Vendor man says "excuse me but keep walking son"
Iggie is moving on by now anyway
Woman turns to street vendor and says "thank you" (another big mistake)
Street Vendor man says "you think I can get your number"
Woman walks away shaking her head

Note here. Saying "thank you" is food for an iggie. Just roll your eyes and keep moving. But prepare yourself to be called all sorts of names.

But I get approached by, thugs, street vendors, married men (isn't odd but annoying still), men with unborn babies, uneducated, old men, men on bicycles, etc. It would be different if I had a balance of men that actually have potential, but I don't. I only get the deformed ones. So I officially mark today as : "Don't Talk to Me if You Can't Spell Your Name, Have Multiple "Baby Mamas", Have Not Seen the Inside of School Since 7th Grade, Your First Greet Starts with Aaaa Ma, Day"!

I digress!

Food For Thought- "As Is"

"I only know how to be me". Is that an excuse or a way of saying "here I am and accept me -as is-"?  

Let's look at this from a retail perspective.


Usually "as is" or the "floor model" has scratches or some form of irregularity. Do I really want to invest my money in something that needs repairing? Chances are "NO", especially if a new one or an alternative is only a few dollars more expensive.

Let's look at this from a life perspective.


If you are not willing to change for your significant other or polish some of those scratches, then chances are they are not going to invest in you. If you hear your defense for your actions always equating to "this is just how I am, stop trying to change me" instead of "I know I can be this way, I'm working on it" then you may want to self reflect your "as is" condition before you make that offer.


Remember my "Food for Thought" post are to get you thinking. So please comment and share your thoughts.



Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome New and Loyal

I had a wonderful weekend and I wanted to close such a great weekend with a big "Thank you" to all my followers. I noticed I have a few new followers to join my blog and I want to say welcome. Thank you everyone that read my posts. I hope you all find something to take away from my words. God has blessed me with a gift of words and I try to use them to encourage, uplift, inspire, and intrigue. I love to write. Writing helps free my heart and mind. Knowing you all read my writings is therapy to my soul. Please share my blog link and comment. Again thank you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For Colored Girls

Time for a girls night at the movies. I will definitely check this out and do a review. In theaters November 5th. Anyone interested in seeing this movie?

Stress and Lifestyle Changes

The life of a busy woman can lead us to neglect ourselves. Caring for others around us and handling everyday business does not leave much time to tend to our own needs. I recently had a discussion with another busy mom regarding stress.

Many may not realize that stress is the core cause of many diseases and the enabler of pre-existing conditions. Upon doing research on depression and stress I found the two to carry similar traits. In fact my research lead me to conclude that the undefined sick feeling one gets that can't be explained, could very well be stress.

Be advised that I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be an expert. I highly recommend if you are dealing with any of these issues you should seek medical attention from your physician.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Mommy Patrol

OMG, it has happened I officially sound like my mother. Every sound out of my mouth reminds me of when I was a kid. I think the past 6 months with a blossoming girl in the house, I have had to be on parent patrol even in my sleep! It hit me less than hour ago when bedtime approached that I sound like a "mother". we all know what a mother sounds like. I've been doing this for 7 years now so I am sure I have been sounding this way. Here are my sentences in a row:

"Brush your teeth"
"Rinse your mouth"
"And use some water" and "don't forget to wash out that sink when you're done"
"Before you get ice cream I need to see all this stuff off the floor"
"Put your folder in your bag for tomorrow"
"And your pencil case"
"You forgot these dirty socks on this floor"
"See if you took more than one thing at a time you, wouldn't have to keep coming back"

The words that chimed into my head and echoed mommy voice were

"put these movies back in their case"
"don't touch that ice cream again"
"touch it before these movies are put up and I'm gonna let it sit there and melt"

Notice how there is only my voice. Man, was I on it. Oh well, she'll be a better person for it. Needless to say, she is now tucked tightly in her comfy bed with an ice cream filled belly and I am not sliding across the floor on DVDs. Tomorrow it starts again. Guess I need to wear my badge. I love being a mom.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

While many of my post are for fun or just to express what is on my mind, this particular post is serious. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the leading cause of mental retardation in the U.S.

It is a preventable and an unnecessary disability that is placed on a child due to a mother’s lack of responsibility during pregnancy. When a mother drinks during pregnancy she places the developing fetus at risk for a lifelong disability. FAS occur when consumed alcohol crosses the placenta and enters the fetus’ bloodstream. The blood alcohol level of the fetus reaches the same level as the mother. Regardless of how much alcohol is consumed, drinking while pregnant is harmful. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is avoidable if a pregnant woman presumes that her unborn baby is the most important factor in her health and does not drink.

What is the estimated number of FAS births per 1,000 pregnancies?
It is estimated that 1-3 of every 1,000 babies born in the world will be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Nadakavukaren, 2006). According to the CDC (2009), “studies have shown that 0.2 to 1.5 cases of fetal alcohol syndrome occur for every 1,000 live births in certain areas of the United States”. The effects of the crippling illness are so severe that it can be categorized as maternal child abuse. Generally about 3% of all live births in the U.S. will result in a birth defect, which is one in every 33 birth (CDC, 2009).

What are the three diagnostic features of FAS?

It is very important to detect FAS early in a child’s life. By diagnosing the illness early, health professionals can begin to outline resources for the child and their families in an effort to reduce the long-term adverse effects and assist the child in leading a healthier lifestyle. There are three distinct facial features that help diagnose a child with FAS. An infant born with FAS will have a smooth ridge between the nose and upper lip, a thin upper lip and an abnormally short spacing between the inner and outer comers of the eyes (CDC, 2009).

The child will experience growth defects that are at or below the 10th percentile, having lower than normal weight, and height. The child will experience problems with the central nervous system, resulting in difficulty speaking, moving or learning (CDC, 2009).

Are the effects of FAS reversible during adulthood?
While the illness is 100% preventable, the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are not reversible during adulthood. The effects of FAS tend to intensify as the child enters adulthood. Since drinking during pregnancy exposes the developing brain to alcohol most FAS diagnosed people experience mental retardation and low I.Q. People that suffer from FAS often have trouble keeping jobs, obeying the law, understanding dangers, maintaining friendships, and sometimes lead them to homelessness (Nadakavaukaren, 2006).

What makes FAS different from many other types of birth defects?

The main difference with FAS and other types of birth defects is that alcohol consumption is the direct contributor to how a fetus is born with FAS. Other birth defects can be because a child’s brain did not develop properly, but with which was not a result of the pregnant mother’s prenatal actions. However, if a mother does not drink during pregnancy, her child will not be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

What is a safe level of alcohol for women of child-bearing age to consume, particularly if these women are planning a pregnancy?

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption for a woman of child-bearing age if the woman is planning to become pregnant. There is no safe type of alcohol to drink or appropriate time during pregnancy to consume alcohol (Navadakavukaren, 2006). Therefore if a woman is planning to become pregnant or not using effective birth control she should not drink. Many important organs are developing during the first few weeks of conception; a woman could be pregnant and not know. Consequently, drinking at this critical developmental stage, even if the mother is unaware can still result in a child being born with FAS.


Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention (August, 2009 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs), Retrieved September 13, 2009 from

Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention (March, 2009), Retrieved September 13, 2009 from

Nadakavukaren, Anne. Our Global Environment: A Health Perspective .Long Grove: Waveland Press, INC., 2006.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning: She Can Cook?

2 medium, firm green tomatoes
1 teaspoon of water
1 beaten eggs
2/3 cup fine dry bread crumbs
1/4 cup canola oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Sprinkle of sugar

Fried green tomatoes are one of my favorite breakfast dishes. I rarely have them because green tomatoes are hard to find reasonable priced in the city. But I lucked up and found them at the fresh market about 2 weeks ago. I found the firmest greenest ones I could find because I knew I would not be cooking them right away. Well they lasted the two weeks and I decided to cook them this morning.

I only used two of the four I purchased.

First I washed the tomatoes and cut the tops and bottoms off. I beat an egg in a bowl and added a teaspoon of water. Next I cut each tomato in thin slices and seasoned to taste with seasoning salt and pepper. Next, I dipped each tomato in the egg mixture and then coated in bread crumbs. Finally I fried each side in a deep skillet of canola oil. (Add oil as needed to prevent scorching).

Sprinkled with sugar and served with turkey bacon.

My daughter loves them. She has been eating them since she was two.

Traditionally in my family, they are cooked with cornmeal, but I didn’t have any cornmeal and they actually taste better with the bread crumbs.

Try them and tell me what you think.

Food for Thought, October- Reality Check

Time goes by so quickly in this world. Careers, relationships, kids, money, etc. sometimes cloud our vision of reality. Before long you become lost in expectations and societal norms, only to have gained nothing.

Stop wasting valuable time criticizing others and being attracted to the glamorous life if you can't afford it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letting Go!- Repost 10/17/2009

Sometimes we are so hurt and torn down we don't  realize the extra pain that we cause ourselves by allowing old wounds to remain unhealed. I think the first step in completely healing a wound is realizing that it is there! It's easy to cover scars with bandages and never acknowledge that they exist.

Hurting and healing is one of the most difficult task in self-help. The hardest aspect is allowing yourself to hurt. Often times we guard ourselves after heartache so that no one else or nothing else will hurt us again, With this wall, we not only block pain from coming in, we also block its' ability to escape, keeping it trapped in forever.

This year has been all about setting, achieving and exceeding goals I've made for myself. (Believe me the list is intense). I am down to the last few months of the year, and I can say I have successfully achieved most, if not all. Well late on the list I am adding "letting go". I will no longer hold the wall of protection that won't allow past pains to escape, instead I am breaking down each brick of the wall and allowing bad experiences, heartache, disappointment, etc. to find their way out (with some forced guidance of course).

With my new added task, I'll be even more mentally occupied than expected. But I am willing to block off some time in my schedule for some TLC for myself. This year my expectations have grown, my acceptance has become limited and I am anticipating the best that my new life has to offer.

Three Week Update

It is three weeks into my healthier habits and I must say despite the past weeks birthday celebration I managed to loss 6 pounds. I think I would have lost more had I exercised like I was suppose to. I managed to get some walking done and a few days with the hula hoop, but nothing like I should have. My body still hasn't adjusted to waking at 5:15 a.m. so I haven't been able to rise 10 minutes earlier than that to do my workout in the mornings. The morning workouts are the key because my evenings are jammed packed.

Remember my goal is to lose 2.5-3 pounds a week. So at 6 pounds loss after 3 weeks I am at 2 pounds per week. Not bad, but definitely can be better. The extra pound has to come from me working out. While I won't be hard myself about that, but at least I know where I stand.

I'll check in again in the next 2 weeks with an update. I have about a month to reach my goal. If I stay at this rate it won't be hard. Wish me luck!

Celebrating Life!

This week I celebrated my daughter's birthday! She turned 7 years old. I can not believe time has gone by this fast it seems like only yesterday I was watching her try to walk.

Motherhood is amazing and her birthday is more special to me than any other day of the year.  This year similar to last we choose to celebrate with family. We gave her a surprise party. She was surprised to say the least. I hope I never forget these moments. It is so important for me to capture every happy or sad moment in life.You never know what tomorrow brings.

We danced, laughed, and ate until our hearts felt full. I love my family and celebrating my daughter's life is such a wonderful feeling when you are surrounded by loving people. We are blessed to have so many loved ones that care about us! I hope you had the best birthday ever baby girl!
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