Monday, November 8, 2010

Educational Field Trips On Your Own

Do any of the moms out there take field trips with the kids on the weekends?

My daughter and I go on field trips often and each time I try to make them a learning experience. Well this weekend was a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry.

She has been begging to go to the museum for months. I bought a membership a couple of months ago. The trips are also a time for us to bond and talk about...well, girl stuff. The museum is great, way more exciting than when I was a kid. We got a lesson in fashion, just see below:

How would you feel about having a piece of clothing you change into something different with a blow dryer? Interesting, huh?

She is big on science and this was the perfect place to talk about things. Read about different subjects and ask questions up front. She didn't have too many questions about this one, surprisingly. I think there was a motion machine in the distance that grabbed her attention.


Our time was short there, which I planned it that way. I figured two hours in a museum was more than enough to get the curiosity settled and knowledge thriving. On our way to the exit we ran into the hospital exhibit. It was a place where participants could interact in a hospital like setting and work on "iStan". iStan is the life like dummy that has real medical conditions the objective is try to diagnose iStan's medical problem. Participants ages 12 and older get to interact in this experience. My little one was too young to participate, but considering she wants to be a Neurologist (Brain Doctor as she says) she was mesmerized.

We are definitely planning at least two more trips before the year ends. Under my membership we can go as many times as we want and the best thing is that everything is FREE!! There was a Jim Henson exhibit, Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light, and many many more.  I almost forgot that I purchased my membership as a Groupon. So I got a fabulous deal.

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