Sunday, January 16, 2011


Perhaps my ambitions and aspirations have grasped tightly around my waist hindering and rescuing me from falling victim to the many disappointments and hardships I have faced throughout my life. Maybe my ability to continue in the race of life until my obstacle course is complete, has kept me determined and focused on my goals. Whatever the reason having long- term goals serve as my rainbow after the storm.

Some days I ponder the thought that my pot of gold may not exist at the end of my rainbow, but despite my despairs, I am still a Queen. I refuse to give up, let go or stop trying. My goals are simple, to gain as much knowledge and intellectual enrichment as possible so that I remain an intelligent and positive role model for my daughter. My life experiences and faith teaches me that as long as there are struggles, my duties are not fulfilled.Over the many stages of my life, I have lost a lot and gained even more. I can say that despite everything I usually come out winning. It's simply because I refuse to give up. I know that life tends to hits us when we are down, but we have to get back up and keep trying. Here are my tips to staying positive and motivated:

  1. Dream Vivid- I dream a lot. Closing your eyes and envisioning the result you want to achieve help to make it a reality. The more specific you are in your dreams, the more achievable each step becomes. 
  2. Don’t share your dreams and goals with just anyone- The past taught me that sharing my goals with people that don’t have my best interest at heart only leads to discouraging comments. Some people are placed in our lives to test us; they will squash our dreams and make us feel incapable. Limit your dream sharing to those you know are supportive.
  3. Keep a tight circle-Surround your life with friends and family that only want the best for you. For example, if you are trying to get in shape and your circle is filled with people that taunt your new eating habits, or say you’re getting too skinny (when you are actually getting healthy), you may need to limit your interactions with them. Unless you are immune to negativity, discouraging people can influence your train of thought.
  4. Write down your goals.
  5. Lay down all your negative thoughts-If you’ve tried to achieve a goal in the past and failed. Leave that negative experience in the past especially if you are attempting to reach the same or a similar goal.
  6. Find social networking groups that share your same interest. (if applicable)
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  8. Ask for a hug- My life is not easy, when I get overwhelmed I ask for a hug.
  9. Finally, don’t give up. Stay positive, whether you are starting your life over, or taking a scary step down a new path, you have to keep believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in YOU, no one will.


Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

I definitely agree with writing down your goals and not sharing your dreams with just anyone. We have to protect our dreams from the naysayers, we have to guard them with all that we have as we strive to achieve them. Now sharing 'em with positive and encouraging people, that's a must!

Janelle said...

Sharing with the right people is important. Positive people help you build your own personal cheer-leading team.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Is there a LIKE button for this? I like the fact that you speak of sharing your dreams with only positive people. An amazing statement and oh so true!

Janelle said...

This is an old post, but a Facebook reader asked yesterday for any advice on staying encouraged and I thought of this post. Ironically I was feeling a little down myself yesterday and I did ask for a hug and a fried gave me a virtual hug in IM, it made me smile. LOL

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