Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting Go Phase 1- Acknowledgment

My previous post started a discussion regarding healing old wounds. This sparked the idea to create a series on step to "Letting Go"

Phase 1 of my series on self improvement, "Letting Go" is acknowledgment.

Before you can heal you have to recognize that you have not only been hurt, but that you are still hurting. Regardless of how long ago the hurt began, the first step to recovery is to realize you need to recover, and to recover you have to get over it.

Acknowledging past pains that are clouding your present and darkening your future will help you make room for new achievements, new loves, new self appreciation, and new confidence. A tip is to sit quietly with yourself and think about what is hurting you, what is truly bringing you down. Once you realize you are still hurt by someone's past actions or abuse, realize you have to move past the stage of trying to understand why. Sometimes why has no answer. Simply saying I am hurt and I want to move on is the path you want to begin on.

The road to letting go and moving forward is like driving down a dark dirt road in an area you've never driven. It's dark and scary, but you know to get where you are going you will have to keep driving forward.

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