Saturday, October 3, 2009

Review "How To Bake a Cupcake"

As promised, I completed reading this book a couple of nights ago. With my busy schedule I have devoted reading a few pages a night to my "leisurely reading".

This book is unlike any book I've read. It was about an African American young lady, her acceptance of love, and learning to put the guard down that so many of us "beautiful brownies" tend to hold on to in an effort to protect ourselves.

The character, Jasmine Taylor, was smart, sophisticated, and sassy. The level of hurt in her past held her back from experiencing something great.

The book is clean and loving. I describe it as being sweet. It is a change from the normal and I loved it. Two thumbs up to author H.L. Sweate for displaying in a wholesome way, the emotional confrontations young women hide within their hearts. I could definitely relate to the character and almost feel as though the story was speaking directly to some of my experiences. Check it out for yourself.

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