Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to Help a Child Start a Journal

This post is one that my little girl suggested I write about. My daughter keeps a journal and feels that it is important to write in your journal during private times. (She is 6 years old BTW). Anyway, I could not agree with her more. Keeping a personal journal and writing in it during quiet time is a wonderful way for young children to express themselves and practice their penmanship. She enjoys reading and drawing, so the journal is filled with small pictures she draws and “Dear ___”, letters she writes.

This was an inspiring post because she spoke very clearly about what should be inside the journal for beginners. Here were her suggestions for topics to write about:

1. A Wish List- (i.e. Dreams of taking trips to America, Africa, Canada, The Bahamas, etc.)
2. Things your teachers do daily
3. Stuff you like to do (i.e. eat fruit, eat vegetable, ride your bike, help people etc.)
4. Draw pictures

She was very clear about the information written in the journal should only be about you and no one else.

Children are amazing because they think of things right away without an expensive degree or having a black couch for someone to lay on (LOL). We all know that journaling is often suggested when people are dealing with issues of pain, guilt, depression, etc. But journaling is not just that, it is a healthy way for keeping record of daily activities, diet habits, and more. For me journaling is a fun way to express my creativity. I generally write out poems and other writings,
Keeping a journal can be a wonderful experience for young children.

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