Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red Is Hot- Styling the Little Lady's Natural Hair

So I decided to post my daughter's hair progress and more so my ability to style it easier. She has 4a hair and some 3c in her lower back. Her lower back is nearly touching waist length when stretched.

Steps to achieving and maintaining this style. As I have said in several post I am beyond busy each day and the mornings are a riot. So I generally style her hair at night and she wears a satin bonnet to bed.

I used water, Giovanni direct leave-in Conditioner, one drop of jojoba oil and about two drops of sweet almond oil. This style was a refresher from a previous style from three days ago.

First I spritz the hair with water to dampen it and then added the leave in conditioner ( about a palm per section). Next I stretched the hair with my hands only to loosen the curls. Then I detangle slowly from ends to roots. After hair was complete moistened with mainly conditioner I added the oils to the ends of the hair.

I secured the sections with ouch-less bands and twisted. I add the barrettes to the top of the hair and ends to accessorize. This will probably last another 3 days and then it is time to redo. Throughout the days I will spritz each morning with Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa Conditioner and water. I add a small amount of oil to the ends to seal.

This is just another way I try to keep my self on schedule for busy school mornings. There is no way I can squeeze in taming her hair each morning. The bonnet is a life saver.

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