Thursday, December 17, 2009

Open Prayer to God

It takes a little voice to remind you things will work out.

Dear God,

I come to you with my heart in your hand and I am not calling you to ask why anymore

I am calling you because I know you are the one I can count on to always pick up when I ring.

You’ll listen to me without that judgmental look

You’ll allow me to cry as many times as I need to without thinking I am too sensitive.

I remember we talked a few days ago and I swore I was doing just fine, but I’m back

I don’t mean to bug you, although I know you won’t mind

Truth is, it hurts

Truth is, I can’t do it alone

Truth is I need…

Well God I really need…I need YOU

I need you Lord to guide me and hear my calls

It’s amazing how wonderful I feel after we talk

We can chat for hours and I am never at a loss for words

I know, I know…I talk too much

But you’re just such a good listener and I know you hear me

Well, God I have to go now

Duty calls, I have to give someone else your number, I hope you don’t mind

If they don’t call you today, just wait for their call

They will definitely call you after I tell them what you told me

God I love you and our conversations…Talk with you soon.

Prayer Written and Spoken By Janelle Wade

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