Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Had to Share...Young Black Men in Chicago

A charter school in Chicago (my home) sends 100% of the graduating Senior class to  over 72 colleges. The students were all recruited from disadvantaged neighborhoods and only 4 % were reading at grade level upon admission. With direction and hard work, these young men will continue on towards a bright future.

Englewood, a neighborhood that has made headlines for past street violence has to be recognized for something positive and profound. Please read the article and understand the joy and pride that these young men must feel. I will never give up hope on our black males or females. We are all destined to be something great. Encourage the young people in your life to keep dreaming and working hard. Anything is possible.

Congratulations Englewood's Urban Prep Academy for Young Men Class of 2010, may your future shine bright.

Read here:,0,3299917.story


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