Saturday, April 3, 2010

OMG----I've Been MIA

Hi All,

I have been MIA for about a month and half. Personally I have been getting through some things and making some much needed changes in my life. Isn't it funny how we know what's best for us, but even what's better for us can be the hardest decisions to make.

I completed another quarter towards my degree and had to buckle down (hence the reason for less blogging). Biostatisics, along with my job duties, business traveling and raising a mini genius, I was literally ready to pull out my hair. (LOL). But I made it and now on to next course, Epidemiology..(If it sounds hard, that's cause it is) but I have never been more happy in school than I am right now. I really can say I am studying a program that I don't think will ever bore me.

This week I had a golden birthday and believe it or not, I feel different. I can't describe the feeling, no I don't feel older. Actually I was relishing in the fact that while out with my girl this past weekend, I was carded every time and most people thought I was celebrating turning 25. Plus someone actually thought I was 21 (LOL). But back to facts, I feel different. I can't describe it, maybe it is the sudden realization that you are absolutely awesome, and you don't need to be told. Yes, I feel great. I look great, I have great thoughts, hell I am great.

I've come to learn that people are insecure, unhappy, and unpleasant. I've never known how another person's perception of themselves can have such a negative impact on others. What do I mean you ask?

I have watched insecure grown men tear down a perfectly smart and confident woman in order to make him feel better about who he is, or shall I say what he is lacking. If you don't agree, I understand, but I only speak from experience and from listening to guys discuss the issues haunting within themselves. I found many are very insecure. I am sure some people will disagree, but I have been told this by several men over several years, for several different reasons.  So when I say that another person's perception of themselves can have a negative impact on others, I simply mean if a man can't find comfort and security in who he is, how can he lead his woman?? (Food For Thought)


mware80 said...

This really hits close to home, Jay. I believe every person should find a way to understand their worth to the world. I sometimes feel that I lack this quality but I am working hard to improve this personal flaw.

Janelle said...

At least you are being honest with yourself. It is never too late to improve. I watch my actions and reactions and know that I have room for growth, but some men never realize that.

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