Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When it Rains, it....

My writings, since the time I can remember, have always been about love. lust, hurt, pain, etc. Usually I take a host of my experiences and combine it with those of others and offer my input. I started this blog out of my love to talk, share, get and give advice to others.

Lately I've been thinking about the things that are important to me and why. As cliche as it may be, happiness and love are in the center of my heart. To many this isn't important or the last thing on their to-do list, but for me it is of significant greatness. Partially because I am a hopeless optimist, but mostly because I know forever exists for many. Pain on the other hand is something no one wants to feel and I personally avoid like the plague. I think back to those unhappy times and sometimes I feel as though I am incapable of crying anymore. The things that once hurt now seem so trivial. I'm sure there is a real tear in there somewhere.

The last few nights have been filled with terrible thunderstorms here in Chicago. I have spent the last few storms staring aimlessly at the sky. It amazes me how the sky turns so dark in such a short time and then a down pour of rain, winds, thunder, and lightening overpower the city. After the storm is over the city is calm again, but it leaves such devastation. So I sit and think.

 *Chicago Sky preparing for a 7 a.m. storm.

A storm is a lot like a bad relationship it is filled with disastrous moods and moments. Down pours of tears and gust of  pain can leave a miserable aftermath. After the relationship, before long life feels normal again, but somehow your heart never feels as calm. When it rains it is as if the earth is taking a bath. Think of the end of a bad relationship as an enema to cleanse your soul.

A bad relationship in comparison to a storm leaves for a brighter tomorrow. Eventually the sun will shine again. 

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