Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Education is Sexy

Education is so exciting to me. I know to some that may sound dorky, and that is okay. I have found that highly educated people not only stimulate my mind, but they bring this attraction that can't be faked. An educated man is so freakin sexy to me, (smiling shyly), an educated woman is amazingly confident.

Anyone that knows me personally will tell you that I love to discuss all topics, from God to ghosts, I can dissect a topic and see the viewpoint from all angles. However, I draw the line in which whom I converse. People, you get two opportunities with me (fair enough) to hold a seemingly educated conversation. If you are a grown adult male and you can't stop using slang in your conversation and texts then we have nothing to talk about. If you are a grown adult female and you refer to your girls as "b*tch or hoe*, then you don't even get two chances to speak. People listen, we learned synonyms in elementary school, seriously you have got to use the dictionary or thesaurus and find other words to express your thoughts. So, I will say these people are just ignorant and leave it alone.

For college degree carrying men, being arrogant about your intellect, does not mean you are smart. Ever heard of an "educated fool"? It's a term my grandmother would use for someone that has education but no clue what to do with it. Let me break it down. Obtaining a degree by no means indicates that you are smart, it simply means you went to school and graduated. Now, the knowledge you gained from school combined with life and how you use these experiences will ultimately determine your status with me. I am not saying this is for everyone, a man that holds a college degree may simply be enough to turn some women on (so starts the ringing of wedding bells in her head), but not the case for me. In my opinion women and men need to dig a little deeper than the surface and start bringing and expecting more to be bought to the table.

On to the good part. The best part of it all is that, everyone has their preferences. What works for some may not work for others. It may be enough that you and your mate are not at the same intellectual level. For others, they may need to be on the same page to feel the "vibe". Whatever the case may be, for me there is nothing more attractive than a well educated (self educated or degree carrying), well spoken, intellectually stimulating man. I'll say it again, education is so sexy. Agree or disagree that is the question?

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