Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Need a Real Vacay

Can you say tired? I can. I am still not resting well at night. The tossing and turning is beyond annoying and the insomnia leaves for a sleep deprived hangover in the morning. I really think I need a month to regroup. I need some private time to myself when I don't have to think about anything or anyone. I am thinking of sneaking away to get a massage or something. My body needs one, my muscles have been so tense lately and stretching doesn't seem to be doing much. I know I am long over due for a deep tissue massage. The last time I had a massage on my legs it was done with an ultrasound machine. OMG did it burn so good, LOL. The tissue in my legs felt like they were literally on fire, but a few days later I felt a thousand times better. I am gonna see if I can get one of those before the summer is up.

I also have got to get back on my exercise routine. I must admit, I have been slacking. Between being tired and trying to gain a social life (haven't had one in a longggggggggggg time, LOL) I just have put that to the back burner. I am not proud of it by any means, because my goal was to be toned by now, but hey fall off the wagon and get back on, right?

I am still in search of a camera. Doesn't look like my wish for the Nikon will be happening anytime soon (maybe it can be an X-mas gift to myself). I did see a KodakEasyShare that looks nice. I am not to sure of it though, if anyone has used one before, your opinions are more than welcomed. Well, looks like it is getting late, I'll write again soon. Sweet dreams.

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