Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Xmas Shopping Time

I  know some people close to me probably want to smack the jolly cheer out of me because I have been thinking and talking Christmas for months now. I can"t help it, I love Christmas!

Well I started shopping for the lil one last week and to be honest I only have two more things to get. (YAY!) I have been getting some great deals. First off if you haven't already done so, you need to "Like" Walmart, Kmart, Sears, and Target on Facebook. They are running daily deals via alerts and if you are not associated with their pages, you miss out. Walmart has a CrowdSaver item each week. It works like this:

"The CrowdSaver price is only available if the required number of "like" votes is met. This threshold of required votes may vary for each CrowdSaver item. Each customer may only vote to "like" an item once. CrowdSaver prices are only available at Each customer may purchase only one item at the CrowdSaver price while supplies last. The price is available until we sell out of the item online".

If you have a facebook page, I suggest you check them out.  

If you are a deal shopper like myself, then you know yesterday Groupon ran a deal for Nordstrom Rack. You could buy a Groupon for $25 and get $50 worth of items. Well yesterday the site went bananas and some people weren't able to purchase it. Well Groupon extended the offer. See below:
I cashed in mine today for a sweater dress, a tunic sweater,pink lip gloss, and a pair of "Not Your Daughter Jeans". My total was $52.67. so all I paid additional was $2.67! So my Groupon was $25, therefore I paid $27.67 for everything. The jeans alone retail for $108 bucks. So I can't complain. Nordstrom Rack is defintely one of my favorite stores.

I usually visit resale stores for handbags, belts, and books. I am never lucky enough to come across a great jacket or coat. However today I came across a beautiful dress in my size and in great condition, it looks new!! I am going to get it dry cleaned and post a picture for you guys when I wear it. At that time I'll let you guys guess the price I paid. I am so excited about it. I always watch videos of some of my favorite Youtubers who get these great deals, but I never luck up. But today I found some great steals. Of course the dress was awesome, but I also got the items in the picture for a total of $7.87!!

The purse was $3, the necklaces $2.50 and $1.50!! I love the purse. The picture does not do it justice. The detailing on it is great and it is worn leather (very vintage) It will pair great with some dark jeans and camel or dark brown boots!

Well, those were my deals. Please pass along any special offers or websites you may have. Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend. I know I did!


Lakeisha said...

LOL thats funny I was about to tell you about the Groupon @ The Rack, but I'm like I know she is already on it, that's her store.

Janelle said...

Yeah, you know I was on it. Couldn't beat that deal!

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