Friday, September 10, 2010

An Achy Breaky Week

This has been a tough week. I am exhausted beyond belief. Rising at 5:15 each morning has been no joke. I have managed to workout every day this week, which is great. I've also decided to switch up my diet a bit. I am still in the process of adjusting it to my liking, but tomorrow's agenda includes a trip to the outdoor farmer's market.  Having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand for snacking will curve my attempts to snack late at night. I am looking to lose X pounds by Halloween. It is not a lot, but it is just enough for me. I love my curves. I would like to lose 2.5-3 pounds a week. I think that is a reasonable amount of weight to lose per week.

Each night my bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier.  My body is an "achy breaky reck". I literally hurt on every inch of my body. The muscle stiffness is no joke. For anyone that suffers from muscles stiffness, tightness, fatigue, spasticity, and/ or muscle spasms can feel my pain and frustration. I think getting back to a healthier lifestyle will make for less aches. At least that is what I am hoping.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

"I think getting back to a healthier lifestyle will make for less aches." I believe this to be true! Good luck with fine tuning your routine and reaching your Halloween goal.

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