Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Makes Us Stronger

I often wonder why the saying goes “time heals all wounds”. In the midst of a painful break-up or loss of someone, it seems that the pain will never end. So the last advice that you want to hear is about time healing the burning, cutting pain wrecking havoc on your heart.  The endless nights of tears left puffy eyes in the morning. But then one night you lay down for bed to hand your sorrow over to God, and suddenly you realize the unimaginable. Your prayers have turned to thank you. Thanking God for laying there and recognizing that it no longer hurt. 

Has anyone ever awakened from sadness and it didn’t hurt anymore? You even found yourself trying to care, but you no longer felt anything?
Well I can attest to it being possible. Time and patience with yourself, does help to heal a broken heart.

When Nothing is Wrong

Have you ever had a moment when you realize hey, "nothing is wrong"? I've been having those moments a lot this month. Despite the fact that every thing that could go wrong has gone wrong, I've just been at peace with things. Maybe it is my new approach to not worrying about every minor details (perfectionism is unhealthy). I have simply been living.

For the followers that know me personally, know that I have a tendency to worry until tomorrow never comes, but I can honestly say I have let that go. In doing so I've found the things I need (not want) are surely coming my way. I keep  praying daily for the health of my family, both physically and structurally.

Anger can sometimes play an evil role in many of us cause us to forget that the family dynamics is the most important relationship we'll have starting at birth until death. Rather it be parent/child, or marriage, the relationships we hold with our family members is what forms our generations to come. So pray for those that are sick and reach out to those that are distant. We only get one life, don't wake up one day and realize you were living it all alone.

Summer Wish

So my camera is broken, which sucks because summer is coming close and I love taking pictures in the summer. I found last summer one of my favorite activities is to go to the Garfield Conservatory and just take beautiful pics of the plants. But now sad to say, my 4 year old camera had its' last fall, needless to say it did survive.

Now I have to replace it, which I doubt will be possible considering summer camp expenses for the little lady have become more than originally budgeted. Anyway, on to wishing. So since I can't have a new camera immediately, I thought I'd wish for it.

I want this and hopefully it won't take me forever to work towards getting. It retails at $279, but I have seen it for $239 on sale. Not a lot a know, but spare cash is non-existent. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I hope everyone had a wonderful month of May.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Soothes My Soul - scene 1 from the movie

Let me not even go there as to why this movie needs to be seen. Please if you have a chance check it out and support the film makers. The premiers are May 5th and 6th @ Ice Theaters 210 W. 87th Street @ 7pm and it's only $10, if you can't attend, order the DVD online @
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