Thursday, September 16, 2010

Am I Wise?

Product Description 
"Start down the "magical" road to "sweet" surprises! This adorable version of the classic CANDYLAND game features the colored cards and fun illustrations that kids love, with different "destinations" like Cupcake Commons and the chunky Chocolate Mountains. Choose your cards, move your pawn and let your imagination soar as you make your way to the castle to win!

It is funny to me how many people live their lives just as the product description of this game. They have no plan, no direction, and no stability. Every step in their life is a surprise. Simple tasks like paying bills is a shell shocker each month because before they get paid they've already spent the paycheck on trivial things, not giving much thought to how the rent/ mortgage will be paid or even how they will eat next week.

Each job is a different destination because they are still "finding themselves".

Then these toxic people enter your life and your the pawn. They move you along and let their "imagination soar" as you stupidly follow. What the hell? So goes my theory, ya'll know I have a theory for everything. Well, here you go: if you don't have the common sense to turn around and run when someone is leading you in a dark forest with no flashlight, map, or destination, then you need to walk smack dead into a tree. I'm just saying.

I am proud of the decisions I have made in my life to this point. I have learned some hard lessons, cried some very wet tears, let go of some things I once held too tightly, found new friends, loved deeply and hurt even deeper. At this point in my life I know what I like, what I want, and what I can't tolerate. If only I'd known these things in my twenties, trust me I hit a tree ONCE, and it knocked me right on my "bottom part". (smiles)

It's funny how when you are a teenager you think you know everything, in your twenties you've figured out the world, and when you hit thirty you realize you didn't know anything and now your proceed with caution. With the experiences both good and bad, this decade of my life is different. I see things for what they are and not for the way they should be.

So I ask myself, am I wise?

Hell no, but I bet I now  know better NOT to walk in the dark, plus the wisdom is getting there. Can you say the same or are you stuck in "Candy-land" trying to figure out the next best move to make? Or are you walking blinding into a tree?

Candy-land is the easiest childhood game to play and if you are over thirty and you keep get sent back to start, then it is time to grow the hell up!

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