Thursday, September 23, 2010

She Fell in Love….With Books?

My child loves to read.  When I say LOVES, I mean she loves it. I have to turn the lights off on her at bedtime, because if I don’t I swear she would read until the sun comes up. I remember I was the same way as a kid. 

I still love to read, but with my busy schedule who has time. I remember last year on my blog I posted I would read 1 book a month, well that didn’t work. I mean seriously, with my school work and now her schoolwork load; I cannot find a moment to myself. I have accepted the fact that I will not officially slow down until sometime next fall after graduation. I digress.

Her love for reading makes me smile from ear to ear. She sits and laughs out loud at funny parts in the story and comes to tell me what happened. It is the best feeling to see a child so entertained by words. With that being said I have been buying her a new book every two weeks, but she reads them in a day. Surly I cannot keep up with that pace. So I wanted to share a budgeting tip I have used before. In addition to the library of course, I shop The “Goodwill”, yep your heard me correctly. They have gently used and brand new books for less than 75 cents!!! Yes, can you believe it? I have been getting books from there for about 2 years now and I have never spent over 5 bucks. So we may leave with 10-12 books and she is so excited. 

Now since school has started back, her classroom offers Scholastic books for parents to purchase online. At her previous school the online option was not available to us. The books are cheaper than the bookstore and when ordering online there are special discounted books not shown in the brochure. In addition to cheaper prices for your wallet, your purchase also helps the class receive a free book. “Your child's class gets a FREE Book every time you send your teacher your order online” ( So imagine if every parent placed an order. That creates a wonderful library for your child’s classroom. 

These books are great also. Last night I spent $17 books for 7 books, no tax and no shipping. Remember one book can cost you about $5.99 and up.  So that is a deal. The books are categorized by reading ability and grade level. I look through a grade above and 2 grades above her actual grade in school.  I want her to continue to enjoy the books so I get the simpler ones for her pleasure and the grade above that to continue to challenge her vocabulary. Seems to work for her, it may not work for everyone. You have buy according to your child’s ability, don’t force them because if it is too difficult they will get discouraged.  She is currently into the Junie B series. Here is a list of what I got.

Charlotte's Web $2.00
Junie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants $4.00
The Best School Year Ever $1.00
The Best Halloween Ever $3.00
A to Z Mysteries®: The Absent Author $2.00
Fudge-a-Mania $1.00
Toy Story 3: The Junior Novelization $4.00

As you can see some books were only $1.The website is very nice. There is even a section strictly for kids, with printable and activities. If your school does not participate in the ability to order online, the website offers a letter you can send to the teacher. 

Please check out the website for more great deals

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