Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are You Making a New Year's Resolution?

Wow, this year was a world wind for me. I have cried my eyes red and laughed my heart inside out. Last year I didn't make an actual resolution, because I know those always seem to fail. I did however, make a promise to myself. This is what I wrote on the blog last year 2009:

What are you doing this New Year's Eve?

This New Year's Eve I will be quietly celebrating and thanking God for helping me through a tough year. But looking back on things I accomplished more than a little this year and anxiously await whats to come with wide eyes. (Those that know me, know I always have a story to tell, LOL). Let's see what chapter I will write next year.

My wish for the New Year is simple. I want to embrace my future full force. The start of a New Year brings about a breath of fresh air, a chance to revive the aspects of your life you once thought passed on.

I wish you all a safe and happy 2010. May the new year bring answers to questions, light where there was hope, love where there was hate, and joy where there was pain.

The ending of last year was out right miserable for me. I was trying to get over a breakup, and pretending it didn't hurt. The truth was that I was literally dying inside. I spent months beating myself up and wondering what I did wrong, and what I needed to change. I fought the tears, because I just didn't want to acknowledge the hurt. But time passed and I forgave myself. 2010 started to look brighter. A friend pointed out that my smile returned. Not just my photo smile, but the happiness and radiance from my heart began to shine through once again. Now that I've conquered 2010, its on for 2011. I have never been more excited about starting a new year than now. I can feel deep down inside great things about to happen around me. I have goals set for myself and dreams that will play out. I am sure there will be obstacles, but nothing I am not prepared to face. 

I wish for myself the following (these are not resolutions because I am working at them now):
  1. Continuing to honor my morals and beliefs despite how others may view me
  2. Always wanting to be a better mother, daughter, sister, and friend
  3. Devoting more time with my family
  4. Continuing to share my love with others, despite past hurts and disappointments 
  5. Not letting anyone change my heart and good intentions
  6. Blocking out negativeness from all sources
  7. Finishing grad school with at least a 3.7 G.P.A
  8. Getting 2 steps closer to financial independence
  9. Devoting more time to my writings
  10. Exercising patience for things that are worth the wait
  11. Exhaling nonsense that causes unnecessary hurt
  12. Mingling with other fellow bloggers (feel free to leave your link or email)
  13. Attend at least one blog or writers conference in 2011
  14. Take a mini vacation
  15. Make myself a pair of earrings (so important to me)
Life has been good to me. I have some horror stories to tell, but I wouldn't change those experience because they molded me into the strong woman that I am. I can spot some ish a mile away. As much as I say I'm not gonna tolerate nonsense, people continue to cross me. It isn't much for me to filter it and keep moving.

I am proud of my daughter and wish her continued love and blessings. Our family and friends continue to keep us close. I pray my family continues to grow closer and happier, I am loving my new found relationships with each of you.

To my small circle of friends, you all are still here despite it all. May I watch my girlfriends get married and start their families, may new babies that bless our lives be raised with all our hearts, may I continue to lean on you for your unbiased opinions, may you continue to share your highs and lows with me. We will cry together in happiness and sadness, and smile so bright in 2011. Family and friends, I love you all.

Someone wrote a list of achievable goals for me back in July and unknowingly to them, I view them monthly as a reminder. I think it was one of the most productive conversations I've had. If you take one piece of advice from me in 2010, it will be to write a list of 3 things you want to achieve in your life, that list made such a difference on attainable goals.

To my devoted followers and readers, I wish you all happiness and success in 2011. Let's keep our lines of communication open. Add me on Facebook, or email me at if you need advice, inspiration, or just want to talk. I love conversation and I love you guys. Each time I get a comment or new follower, my world lights up. I never imagined my words would mean so much to people. The other day a Facebook friend encouraged me to keep up the good work, because it inspires her. WOW, I love it.

From my family to yours, have a safe and Happy New Year!

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