Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi All,

I have been a ridiculously busy person this year. I have to apologize to all my subscribers about a thousand and one times, but things happen. Life changes and honestly some things are certainly out of our control. But you go on and you grow. You adjust to new surroundings and you're grateful for all that you have.

But now back to business.

Lately I've been contemplating what makes you change to be a better mate. Is it the love you have for your significant other? Is the fear of not being good enough? Is it the desire to ultimately want to be a better person?

One perspective is that as we mature, our tastes, desires, priorities, and motivations mature as well. What once found important is no longer as significant. I was speaking to a friend earlier this week about the concept of "marriage". Lately I've seen people my age and younger get married and quickly divorce in less than 3 years. Seriously??? Is that what marriage is about? So a married friend that has been married for over 15 years talked to me about the trials and tribulations of "I DO". Now this friend is 30-something so they married very young. I've watch couples that were married "until death" and others that threw in the towel because the guy wasn't making the right dollars. Now I know some unthinkable things can happen in relationships, but to what extent are (you both) willing to work?

Since I have never been married, I can not speak on the topic of marriage, but I thought it was a great topic to bring discussion. I want to hear your thoughts on the subject. The one thing I can say is that over time I have taken off my "innocent eyes" and learned that to honestly LOVE someone, you have to truly except all imperfections and be willing to compromise, share, encourage and forgive. Back when men were allowed to be a man and women were their supporters family structures remained in tact. I think as women sometimes it can be easily overlooked that men are still gentle creatures and need our attention and pampering as much as we need them. I know that we fall in and out of love with each other and if we don't have that friendship and support to continue on, it will be difficult to fall back in love when the flame burns out. There is nothing wrong with saying you need your partner, isn't the purpose of marriage  to share forever with the one person you never want to lose?

Thoughts anyone?

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