Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I'm Lovin at the Moment!

What I’m Lovin at the Moment
  1. Writing again. Since school is done I now have more time to write. I absolutely LOVE to write and this week I realized it brings joy to my life and calms me when I am nervous, anxious, upset, stressed, etc. 
  2. Working Out. Again one of those things I have been using to refocus and keep moving on those down days.
  3. Skinny Cow Treats- These are delicious and over excellent portion control. I love em.
  4. My curls- I noticed my textured seems to be curlier. Feels like forever since my hair has been in its curly state and the curls are more defined than ever.
  5. Love Songs- I was a bridesmaid at a beautiful wedding last month and the bride and groom blessed us with a CD of the songs from their wedding. I must admit I am loving it. 
  6. T.V. (The idiot box) I promised myself after school I would devote a few months to T.V. and trashing reading. Hey, I need a break from so many serious issues.

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