Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food For Thought- Why I'm Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!
This Food for Thought closes my Thanksgiving Series. I hope you all had a chance to reflect within yourself and see some of the random things I reflect on.

Last Thanksgiving was a rough time for me, I was going through a terrible heartbreak and the pain felt never ending. The rain tonight reminded me of how I felt and after a moment of sadness, it didn't take much for me to realize why I am thankful.

I am thankful because:

  1. My family members are all safe (I love them all, no matter what)
  2. I have the best child a mother could ask for.
  3. I am in good health and sound mind
  4. My friends are wonderful (they guide me through everything, without them I'd break)
  5. I am employed (too many people are without)
  6. I have a warm place to call home
  7. I know who I am
  8. I can touch people through my words
  9. My heart healed
  10. I am loved!
What are some  things you are thankful to have experienced, learned, overcome, shared, or hold dear to you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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