Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food for Thought- All Men Aren't....

Food for Thought....

Just wanted to take a moment to recognize that all men aren't jerks, dogs, scum, cheaters, loser, dead beats, etcs. Even when situations don't work out to our liking please acknowledge the good qualities in the males that our in our lives. Maybe he wasn't the best man for you, but he sure makes a great dad. Or maybe he isn't the most romantic, but he is keeps you safe. So for today turn to a male you know that's doing it right and give him a kind word or two, you never know how that may change his day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I'm Lovin at the Moment!

What I’m Lovin at the Moment
  1. Writing again. Since school is done I now have more time to write. I absolutely LOVE to write and this week I realized it brings joy to my life and calms me when I am nervous, anxious, upset, stressed, etc. 
  2. Working Out. Again one of those things I have been using to refocus and keep moving on those down days.
  3. Skinny Cow Treats- These are delicious and over excellent portion control. I love em.
  4. My curls- I noticed my textured seems to be curlier. Feels like forever since my hair has been in its curly state and the curls are more defined than ever.
  5. Love Songs- I was a bridesmaid at a beautiful wedding last month and the bride and groom blessed us with a CD of the songs from their wedding. I must admit I am loving it. 
  6. T.V. (The idiot box) I promised myself after school I would devote a few months to T.V. and trashing reading. Hey, I need a break from so many serious issues.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pole Dancing Classes for Toddlers -

I heard about this on the radio a couple of months ago. Pole dancing for kids. Here is an excerpt from the article.

"Instructor Carly Wilford insists that the lessons for kids have been stripped (pun intended) of sexual aspects. “I am trying to remove the stigma from pole dancing and show that it actually helps children keep fit and learn balance, much like gym classes,” she told theDaily Mail".

You can read the entire article here Pole Dancing Classes for Toddlers -

Just wondering what my readers thoughts are on this. It's bad enough that so many households are missing fathers, now we want to teach the girls the one thing that a father teaches his daughter to never grow up to do. Seriously people, is this what society has come to? How can this not be classified as child pornography? What parent would let their little girl participate in this?

Thoughts and comments welcomed.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Food for Thought: Oh No She Didn't

I'm diggin in the crate for new ideas. So topic for discussion, what makes a woman knowingly sleep with another woman's husband/boyfriend, or vice versa what makes a man sleep with another man's wife/girlfriend?

I am curious the thought process of the "other" woman/man. I bet some people are shaking their head saying "Oh no she sidn't". "Oh yes I did" (lol). So have at it. 
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