Thursday, August 12, 2010

In His Hands

I need the strength of you to survive....

She remembers saying those words so softly as she tried desperately to feel her feet. What was going to happen to her? Who was going to hold, hug and carry her two year old if she couldn't even pick up a pencil. The nurses showed empathy, but no one could make it stop. The creepy evil in her body made its way up the left side and on to the right before the night would end. The doctors poked and tested with no good news. The best they could say was that it may or may not come back.

WHAT? How is that possible?

A deep prayer was sent above because if life had taught her anything, it was that only God could determine her destination. Life has the tendency to kick us in the ass when we least expect it and this was far from her to-do list, but she knew that God had a plan. A plan much greater than her.

She never dreamed in her young adult life that such devastation would haunt her seemingly sweet life.

Now it's time to fight and pray. Never give up, keep your head held high, and believe the lord will never leave you alone.

Music is such a deep part of my soul. I listened to Fly Like a Bird by Mariah Carey over and over. Sometimes I was speechless when His messages spoke to me. I just never give up. I can't explain the type of fighter that is within all of us. Put your trust in the lord and believe in yourself and all things are possible including, healing, success, happiness, and more.

God has blessed me and each day I try not to forget it. Blessed are those that believe their purpose and will is in His plan. Without much being said, I hope this blog entry encourages someone.

Have you survived? Are you surviving? Is your spirit healing others?
Please share.

to be continued...

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